Our latest dilemma – the bathroom

Some of you who follow me on Instagram (@whatmakesahouseahome) will know we’ve been planning the layout of our kitchen.

The latest puzzle to work out was the bathroom. And it’s taken me and Mr H around four weeks to agree. It’s teeny tiny (1.96 by 1.75) and with the extension directly downstairs we had to decide if we were okay with the soil pipe to go through the newly extended kitchen diner and be boxed off. In my opinion it’d look really unattractive. The other option is to move the loo to the exterior wall and take the pipe directly outside.

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What’s the deal with…


Sorry. I just don’t get it. Why has the world gone mad for f***ing unicorns? Continue reading “What’s the deal with…”

5 things you should consider before buying a repossession

People say that buying a house is stressful, if that’s true buying a repossession is a nightmare. I know, I’ve been though it. I learnt a few things along the way though so read on for a few frank tips… Continue reading “5 things you should consider before buying a repossession”

Currently obsessed with…Japanese tub baths

I never realised how much I loved interiors until I started looking for a house to buy when I was on maternity leave. I was determined to be in our own place by Arthur’s second birthday and so the search began in July last year. I trawled and trawled until I saw what is now our house around Christmas time. A bargain with a great garden and potential to extend. Contracts were exchanged in April so it was finally ours. Continue reading “Currently obsessed with…Japanese tub baths”